Lebedynets Petro
Ukraine, b. 1956
«Mirror», 2014
oil on canvas
160 H x 200 W x 4 cm

Price: $ 7 000


2015. « X Art-Kyiv contemporary». — Museum Complex «Mystetskyi Arsenal»

2015.  «Paintings by Petro Lebedynets». — Nu Art Gallery. Kyiv. Ukraine

2017. «Kyiv art school». — Museum of Kyiv history. Ukraine

Location. Artist’s Studio Kyiv, Ukraine.

About the artist
Petro Lebedynets was born in 1956 in Melitopol, Ukraine. Graduates from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 1984. In 1996 he received an honorary prize at the International exhibition of Modern Art in Nice. At the International Art Festival in Kiev in 1997 he received the honorary prize "Artist of the Year" and a Certificate of Appreciation by the Art Festival of Arts "Our Heritage", the Metropolitan Museum and the National Art Club, New York. The artist lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. Petro Lebedynets is an abstract artist. He brings color to the absolute and frees it from the form and plot. His paintings are characterized by broad strokes and embossed texture. The colors are layered and they illuminate each other on the canvas. His works are delicate and temperamental, mysterious and true. Their content is deeply intuitive with precise and rational composition.
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Lebedynets Petro
Price: $ 7 000
Lebedynets Petro
Price: $ 8 000
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