Musatov Yuriy
Ukraine, b. 1981
«Asteroid. Section», 2014
Chamotte, copper oxide, glaze. 1100 °C.
46 H x 46 W x 19

Price: $ 2 000


2015. «The Evolution of clouds». Yuriy Musatov within the VII Great Sculpture Salon /The Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kyiv, Ukraine.

2016. «Fixation». Sky Art Foundation / Art Space. Kyiv, Ukraine.

Artist’s Studio Kyiv, Ukraine.

About the artist
Yuriy Musatov was born 1981 in Konotop, Sumy region, Ukraine. In 2002 entered the Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of decorative arts,  the department of art pottery.In 2008 he graduated the National Academy of Arts, and received Master Degree in art ceramics. Yuriy Musatov, ceramist from the younger generation, that has already established himself as the professional and worthwhile representative of the contemporary Ukrainian artistic ceramics, is reconsidering the traditional ways of working with ceramic. His creative works exist beyond the familiar categories or kinds of art – easel sculpture, interior ceramic. His objects are autonomic and self-sufficient in the artistic field. The artist applies the question of integrity of the person in the post-industrial society. The illusiveness of the modern world is represented in Musatov’s works, by the dreamy and subtle constructions, tender as lace, interweaving of the ceramic parts.
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Musatov Yuriy
Price on Request
Musatov Yuriy
Price: $ 2 500
Musatov Yuriy
Price: $ 2 500
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